Custom Software Development

With the increasing shift towards digitalization, there is a growing market for software solutions, because they add incredible value to businesses and users. Although there are various off the shelf solutions, there are numerous advantages of a customized solution. At Thinkcube Connect we have years of experience in helping businesses achieve their goals through custom software solutions based on a clear understanding of their unique goals, challenges and needs.

Why build a customized software?

Ownership: Thinkcube Connect customers have full ownership of their software, and they have the freedom to use their software based on their growing needs such as adding more users.

Flexibility: With a customized Thinkcube Connect solution, you can add more features, edit as when required and upgrade the solution to align with your changing business needs.

Competitive Advantage: By comparison to a off the shelf solution, a custom built Thinkcube Connect software can increase your competitive edge because of its unique performance capabilities and IP asset value.

Mobile Application Development

With the increased use of mobile applications, modern day businesses have evolved in the way they do business. Taking advantage of the power of mobile software technologies, our engineers will transform your business, making it the utmost effective. We develop the right mobile apps for our customers. We follow the best coding practices to create software applications, and strict internal processes of delivery and quality assurance. Our mobile app solutions are up to date with user focused UI/UX and reliable.

Why build a mobile app?

Evolve with the world: If you are in the business of providing services and mobile is the core of your business, Thinkcube can build an app with the user experience to boost your business.

Streamline business process: As your business grows, your processes become more complicated. With Thinkcube Connect, you can simplify those processes and become efficient, work remotely and create a competitive edge by reducing costs and saving time.

Integrate mobile with web: If you are already using a web-based application, and wish to create a user- friendly application for your web users, we can help build a mobile counterpart.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA is a new technology trend used to automate workflow, infrastructure, back office processes to replace the labor intensive and repetitive tasks. These software bots can interact with an in-house application, website, user portal. Thinkcube Connect can develop solutions that integrates with third-party tools and increase value of the products you are currently using, with Artificial Intelligence. You will be able to discover that by using our bots, it is possible to increase both the speed and the accuracy of your business processes.

Why switch to RPA?

Track progress: You can have a clear oversight of each project or task, corresponding cost and revenue, allocate resources efficiently and run reports for analytics.

Maximize your output: Cut down mundane manual processes that hinders productivity of your business.

Competitive Edge: Having automated processes makes your business attractive because you can easily predict timelines and output capabilities.

Project Management

At Thinkcube Connect, agility is one of our Team’s core strengths and we enjoy solving complex and challenging projects, because it makes us better. When you hire a Dedicated Project Management team at Thinkcube Connect, you’ll have the power to control every aspect of the development process and build a software solution tailored to your unique business needs.

Why hire a Project Management Team?

Streamline: You can control the size of your team, the timeline for engagement, budget and determine the scope of work.

Access to advance technology: Our developers receive ongoing training and are privy to major technology. We match our engineers’ skillsets with your software requirements to ensure you have the best team to complete your project.

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