Cubematics is a fully automated Forex Kiosk. We partnered with the best hardware manufacturers to revolutionize the banking sector. Cubematics fully automates the foreign currency exchange process while following the banking regulations of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. We incorporated state-of-the-art solutions such as passport scanners, to provide easy but secure experience to the users.

Users can instantaneously exchange foreign currency from a Forex ATM by verifying their identity from within a secure and a reliable environment.

What's Superior about cubematics?

Cubematics is a complete solution starting from customer facing fluid user interface to the high performing transaction handing back-end server. Thinkcube Connect team can customize Cubematics by integrating biometrics, cash/coin acceptors, dispensers, and vaults.

e Grama Niladhari (eGN)

eGN is a comprehensive software application built by Thinkcube Connect team for the Sri Lankan Government, to digitalize citizens’ data at the Grama Niladhari divisions. Data gathered at the divisional level is integrated and provides access to the Government to make decisions at the national level. This solution is designed to be the largest verified national database of every citizen of Sri Lanka and it is also designed to integrate with other government institutions.

In addition to that, the eGN also includes a Citizen Portal that provides access to request for certificates online, inform changes to personal information and make appointments with the Grama Niladhari. Significant features of the eGN include GIS Support, BI, Offline Implementation, Scenario Builder, Data Classification, API Support, and auto scaling requirements based on the volume of the data in the database over the time.

Excel bot for Xero Payroll

Excel bot for Xero Payroll is a Robotic Process Automation solution designed to auto upload payroll information to the Xero accounting software using excel files. This solution can identify changes in pay related information and employees and inform the user to make relevant changes.

All the changes done by the bot will be saved in draft status in Xero, and these results will be integrated into the Xero after the required authorization.

By integrating Excel bot, businesses can reduce time spent for data entry by 70% while maintaining accuracy of data entry.


Agrinous is a cloud-based application designed to help livestock agents to manage livestock operations. With this application, agents can buy and sell farm animals on behalf of their clients. Agrinous is an advantageous addition for livestock businesses because agents can conduct livestock auctions efficiently and process the sales of livestock by complying with regulatory requirements.

While the mobile app provides access to saleyard operations, the Web app provides access to back office functions such as generating reports, user portals, managing clients and consolidated auction data input from saleyard operations.

Xero Cash Forecast App

Xero Cash Forecast application is designed to auto generate cashflow forecasts for Xero users.

The application works as a virtual fund manager where the user is only required to input Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable data with due dates, to forecast the cashflow for a period of four weeks.

By integrating Xero Cash Forecast application, businesses can predict their cashflow, know their future cash shortages and surpluses and make cashflow decisions accordingly.