unparalleled Quality, Accountability & Transparent Pricing.

Who We Are

Thinkcube Connect is a client-oriented technology developer backed by Connect East Holdings, a Singapore-based accelerator of superior technology and business process outsourcing companies. Our corevalues are Unparalleled Quality, Accountability and Transparent Pricing.

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Our Excellence

We develop software with unparalleled quality. To achieve that, we incorporate proven industrial standards and rigorous internal processes. We mentor our engineers and invest in their continuous development. Furthermore, we maintain quality assurance through intendent testing.

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Our services

Thinkcube Connect is a client-oriented company with a services attitude. We can lead or follow. Our primary goal is to maintain the highest quality standards and the best practices.

Custom Software Development
There are benefits both for custom software and off-the-shelf software. By choosing custom software development from Thinkcube Connect, you will enjoy numerous advantages of a system customized to your business requirements.
Mobile Application Development
Mobile software is the cornerstone of modern-day businesses. Thinkcube Connect has extensive experience creating innovative mobile apps with advanced technology stacks.
Robotic Process Automation
This technology allows the automation of repetitive business processes using rules and Artificial intelligence (AI). You can improve your in-house applications, websites and user-portals with Thinkcube Connect's AI solutions.
Project Management
When you hire a Dedicated Project Management team at Thinkcube Connect, you'll have the power to control every aspect of the development process and build a software solution customized to your unique business requirements.

Why choose Us

Thinkcube Engineering
Our engineering team is equipped with the platforms and advanced methods to deliver solutions. This makes us robust and accountable.
Product Development
We have the ability to build competitive solutions from scratch, adding value to your business at each layer. We can also cost-effectively integrate, expand, augment existing systems or offerings.
Quality Assurance
Our excellence derives from strict quality control measures and our dedicated QA team which operates independently.
Training & Development
Ongoing development is at the heart of our success. We improve qualifications of our team through opportunities for advancement. We cultivate an environment of continuous learning.

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